The Lazy J Grand Lodge has some EXCITING news!! ​

For 10 years, the Lazy J Grand Lodge has provided an unbeatable hunting and lodging experience to our hunting clients from all over the United States. Great hunting, great food, and a great time have always been our specialty, and will remain our core offering for many years to come.

While we have focused much of our energy the last 10 years on providing the best hunting experience possible, we have focused little on what we can do to make the Lazy J Grand Lodge a year round destination. The exciting news is that early this year we hired new lodge management, we got a retail liquor license, and have started to build energy around making the Lazy J Grand Lodge a true, year-round, “fully licensed” event venue!

Community in Decline

As is the case for much of rural America, Ideal and the Winner area have suffered population decline over the last 50 years. Unfortunately, as people move to more metropolitan areas, entertainment and dining options often disappear with them. Residents in our community are left with very limited options to get a good meal and gather together as a community. This weakens the bonds we have with one another, and without some serious love and determination, the situation is not going to improve.

What Tripp County needs is another place where our residents can come listen to a band, enjoy a good meal, and take in the beautiful scenery that abounds in our area. It needs a place where our youth can come to learn about the sustainable nature of agriculture, which is a vital industry in our area. It needs a place where businesses can gather to network, get attention, and gain visibility to customers from outside of Tripp County.

In short, it needs a place to gather, and we’re ready for the Lazy J Grand Lodge to be that place.

Getting to Work

‘There are two types of people in this world, people that complain about things, and people that DO things about things.’

We love our little community and, like our great-grandparents before us, we felt it was time to roll up our sleeves and put in the effort to create something good for our community. God blessed us with the gifts of beautiful land, a beautiful facility, and a passion for getting better, and we feel it necessary to use those gifts in a way that can make our community stronger.

Honestly, we’ve been a little selfish in not sharing our beautiful lodge with the local community and ‘non-hunters’. We’ve seen restaurants, businesses, and entertainment options come and go, all while our venue lay underutilized in our community. Our primary purpose for putting in the effort to expand our business in this direction is to add value to Tripp County, a decision grounded in goodness, which we know to be a strong guiding force.

Pheasant Hunting at Lazy J Grand Lodge

'Our Field to Fork'

Tripp County, the Lazy J Grand Lodge, and the Jorgensen family have deep roots in agriculture. To honor that legacy and showcase our heritage, we are focusing on delivering a ‘Field to Fork’ experience to our customers. Not just any field to fork, ‘Our Field to Fork’. 

We will be planting a large garden this year to start our journey toward providing this experience to our guests and our community. We want to see the freshest home-raised produce and true Jorgensen beef on your plate, prepared to perfection, with true visibility of the entire process to anyone who is interested. 

It doesn’t serve our community to simply offer this experience to our guests though, which is why we are increasing our focus on community program involvement. We plan to get more involved with the local 4H program (Heads, Hearts, Hands and Health), local schools and FFA (Future Farmers of America), and even more distant youths from less agricultural areas. 

In this way, we will be doing our part to encourage the youth of America to be self-sustaining and giving them a chance to understand the true sustainable nature of food production. It is an audience with the youth and the education of the public for the joys and benefits of rural life that we can do our part to protect our way of life, and our rural community at large.

'We want our kids, and their kids, to have a reason to stay. Not because we tell ‘em too, but because they want to.'

Questions or Concerns

This expansion in our business means many new benefits at our customers and communities disposal. Seamless experience and results consistent with our clients expectations are extremely important to us. Our new licensing, and our policy changes, slightly affect a few small details related to our current bookings and may slightly change returning client experience. We intend to communicate directly with all clients booked for any type of stay at the Lazy J Grand Lodge to confirm any final details, all in an effort to bring you the most hassle-free and enjoyable experience possible.

If you have any questions about a current booking, or are interested in learning more about the Lazy J Grand Lodge, send us an info request with the form at the bottom of the page. If you are interested in getting regular updates about the Lazy J Grand Lodge, please hit the like button below to like us on Facebook!

From the Archives:  Welcome to Fall

Welcome to Fall!

Happy Fall You All

Lazy J Grand Lodge is more than just a lodge, it’s a Getaway.  It is 14,000 acres of escape, relax, food plots, birds, birds, & more birds.  It is great food, a big fire place, comfortable chairs, two bar areas to visit with friends.  It is wide-open spaces, crisp morning air, Pheasant flushes, the smell of gun powder, and dogs proudly retrieving birds.  It is a place to step back in time and an opportunity to ignore your cell phone when you want.  It is a South Dakota Pheasant hunt done very well, but it is so much more. If you have been looking for one of the best all inclusive pheasant hunting trips, look no further than Lazy J Grand Lodge.

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