The Lazy J Grand Lodge — This is South Dakota at its best.

If you’re a first-timer to South Dakota, you’ll likely be surprised that legal shooting hours don’t begin until midday. It affords the birds the opportunity to feed; to rest and take in some grit along the gravel roads. It’s good for pheasants and it’s good for hunters. Rather than load your shotgun at the crack of dawn, fill your coffee cup instead. This is a good time of day. A good time to get excited for what the day holds in store, to get reacquainted with old friends and to make some new ones. The hunting will come soon enough.

By the time the guides arrive and the dogs are loaded, you’ll have checked and rechecked your gear. Don’t worry about shells – we’ll provide you with plenty of good ones. The birds here are wild, fast and tough. And as you’ll soon see, at the Lazy J…they’re everywhere! If you’re an outdoorsman, you likely have a father or grandfather to thank. You’ve heard them tell about how good the hunting was when they were kids. Well…now it’s your turn. Make some memories.

Once a sportsman experiences South Dakota wing shooting, they find it’s not just the hunting that brings them back. It’s South Dakota. Maybe it’s the sunrise on a crisp morning and the far-flung horizons. It might be a warm autumn afternoon so beautiful you ache because you can’t find the words. Out here people enjoy bacon and eggs for breakfast and a steak for supper without feeling like they owe someone an apology. A local buys a round; stories begin to flow and people from around the country are pleasantly reminded just how much they have in common. Out here, you can’t help but think of the way things used to be; should be and still are…at the Lazy J Grand Lodge.