“I have been hunting at the Jorgensen Ranch for over 30 years. Having brought many groups out, year after year the hunts are always over the top. The number of wild birds is unbelievable.

The Jorgensen’s treat their hunters like family. Now with the Lazy J Lodge, I think it is one of the most professionally run lodges in South Dakota. They have a lot of land, so you don’t hunt the same thing over and over. I would recommend the Lazy J Lodge to anybody, it is South Dakota pheasant hunting at its’ best.

I would like to thank the Jorgensen’s for all the great hunts I have been on at their place.”

-Jerry Jueneman

“Since the first time I hunted with the Jorgensens, my idea of a good day of pheasant hunting will never be the same…the bird numbers must be seen to be believed!  I love this place and I love these people.”

-Jeff Vander Voort

“The Lazy J Lodge is not just a pheasant hunt it’s a tradition.  I have pheasant hunted here for five years.  The Lazy J continues to exceed my expectations.  They have the best habitat, the largest populations of wild birds, and the best accommodations in the Golden Triangle. I wouldn’t host a hunting party anywhere else.”

-Reed Leistad

“The Lazy J Grand Lodge is the finest hunting lodge I have ever stayed in. The 2-man rooms and bathrooms are spacious and as nice as any hotel. The meeting rooms are large and you have enough TVs to accommodate all of the guests. The food is good as it gets! They also offer sporting clays to “knock off the dust” before each days hunt. The birds are wild and plentiful. Overall, the Lazy J Grand Lodge is a high quality operation. I highly recommend it to anyone.”

-John J. Hollins, Jr.

“Our group has been coming to hunt here at the Jorgensens for more than 25 years. There are always plenty of wild birds on the property close at hand because it is well cultivated and managed to support the pheasant population. The addition of the wonderful new Lazy J Grand Lodge has really added to what was already a great hunting experience. But what is best are the friendly, helpful people who staff and run the operation…they go out of their way to provide everyone a great time.”

-Chip Robertson